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Monthly Meet Up (Zoom) with Live Q&A:
Each session is approximately 75 minutes long.

  • CHOICES – October 25th at @7pm EST
  • GRATITUDE – November 22nd @7pm EST
  • ACCEPTANCE  – Dec 20th @7pm EST
  • WELLNESSJanuary 31st @7pm EST
  • SELFCONFIDENCEFebruary 28th @7pm EST
  • VISION – March 28th @7pm EST
  • DISCOVER – April 25th @7pm EST
  • TRANSFORM – May 30th @7pm EST
  • CREATIVITY – June 27th @7pm EST
  • GROWTH – July 25th @7pm EST
  • CLARITY – August 29th @7pm EST
  • UNLEASH – September 26th @7pm EST
  • HARMONY – October 24th @7pm EST
  • ABUNDANCE – November 28th @7pm EST
  • PEACE – December 19th @7pm EST

Each month will include a custom printable workbook that goes along with each specific topic, to be filled out during the live session.



Jan 31st, 2023

This workshop focuses on all things WELLNESS. It will help you figure out what wellness goal you are working towards and help you navigate how you are going to accomplish it.