Let the Umbilical Cord Do It’s Job

The umbilical cord is designed to vasoconstrict; which means the vein and the two arteries which is inside the cord WILL CONSTRICT OR CLOSE OFF ON ITS OWN once it is outside of the mother’s womb and is exposed to air. While this process is happening the baby will be receiving its vital nutrients, blood supply and stem cells from their placenta. Yes, that’s right, the placenta belongs to the baby. It was created for the baby with the baby’s genetic material and when the baby is born it goes outside with the baby too.

Once the vessels inside of the cord are completely closed the cord will dry up and fall off. In most cases our body and our babies are perfectly designed to get the job done of creation and birth all on its own.

As most of you know, this does not happen in a traditional hospital. I had to beg for a measly 5 minutes of delayed cord clamping with Kiley. I was made to feel like an idiot for even asking and I was CHARGED extra for that “service” from the hospital.

This is just one example of how our children are being set up for failure…literally right from the start!