Do your kids sniff glue?

That’s a serious question and the simple answer for anyone who buys their kids Elmer’s Scented Glue Sticks, is going to be an absolute YES.

I know, I know it’s labeled “safe” and “non-toxic” though right? Well it does contain polyvinyl acetate, polyvinyl alcohol and propylene glycol, three things that I guarantee you, you do not want your kid inhaling. Don’t get me wrong, most glues include these ingredients however they are not marketed for children to be sniffed.

With enticing scents like Mango Pineapple, Watermelon, Limeade & Grape, I was almost tempted to give them a sniff myself but I knew better. Most children do not know and will end up doing it time and time again which to me is so sad.

I can clearly remember being in art class as a child, sniffing glue and getting yelled at by my art teacher. She took it a step further and called me crazy, which as an adult I agree with. Somehow we went from that to making scented glue and encouraging it?

It’s a crazy world, stay safe out there!

xo Kasi